Residing in San Diego and playing anywhere she can, Candice frequents singing at
clubs, coffee shops ,and house parties. She has been part
time traveling back and forth to Nashville and singing her heart out
in Music City, playing Honky Tonks and songwriter’s
nights! Candice has been thankful to meet wonderful friends and has been welcomed with
open arms.
Recently Candice was approached by Nashville Agent
Michelle Gawley who she fell in love with and signed to FaceSpace Music.
Song writer for 15 years, Candice has finished a two year
project with Nashville’s Hit Songwriter, Billy Lee, and San Diego’s Greg Hayes for the actor Jim Carrey. The song is titled “Bigger Than Life”.

During illness, Candice watched Bruce Almighty over and over again from her bed which inspired her to keep faith that her health would get better. She always said if she got healed she would meet him in person to thank him. After ten years the meeting took place in Barnes and Noble during October 2013, he was a major sweetheart!!!!

Candice has also been living part time in Hawaii with her husband